What are Experiential Weddings? How to plan one?

The idea behind experiential weddings is that we can enhance our beautiful surroundings and give our wedding a ‘unique’ feel and charm. Unique because not a lot of people have forest weddings or lake side weddings; and charming because your wedding will be a reflection of your personality and will be cosy and a loving affair with your near and dear ones.


As wedding planners we will help you bring your vision alive by creating something totally extraordinary.
We will weave threads of wonder in the existing palette that nature has offered us and create a stunning backdrop for your wedding vows.

We follow 5 rules when we execute an experiential wedding:


The venue should be the highlight of the wedding. It should have an ‘experential’ factor to it. It has to be different from mainstream ideas. It can be a simple idea like a temple wedding or a even a wedding at your own home. It can a nature-inspired wedding like a forest wedding, a wedding in a hill station of by the side of a waterbody. Or it can be something that goes with your personality. It has to be a cosy place that gives warmth and exudes a sense of character.

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There has to be an underlying concept to the wedding that has to be brought to reality.

While you can have a smaller guest list, you can create a strong experience for each individual guest. A simple idea like personal name tags on the dining table or giving each guest a plant to take home that will remind them of your wedding in coming years. Simple ideas, filled with emotion.

Creating a mood will reflect the ideology of your wedding. Example- if you wish to have a traditional Indian style wedding, ensure an abundance of Indian flowers like marigold or rajnigandha or champa that will enhance the look of your venue and guests will relate to your vision better.


Since you have a small guest list, you can splurge on a divine food menu and personalised menu for your guests. Food is an important element of weddings and a small guest list can help you to make it a great experience for each and everyone present.

While working with the caterer can help in deciding all the items in the menu and in giving unexpected surprises to the guests, we can also personalise crockery and cutlery, have name tags and can create great tablescapes.

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Create multiple events to keep guests engaged.

Think pool parties, champagne brunches, rehearsal dinners, wine tasting, nearby treks or visits to the surrounding area, cycling trips in the countryside, team games, yoga, massages, relaxing time.

Guest interaction is key.

You can give bespoke gifts as return gifts, small individual wedding favours, have food stations, have special entries to your function, tell stories of your guests, have bonfire night, DIY stations, photobooths, GIF booths, personal bartenders, maybe a movie night, pyjama parties, create a treasure hunt… there are a myriad possibilities.


Decor is going to be the essential element to convey your vision of the wedding. The decor can have your favourite flowers, your special colors, small personal details, family photographs, pictures of your guests, rustic elements, lots of candles and twinkling lights.
Such small special details that go a long way in translating your dream wedding to a reality.

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