Top 12 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India

Honeymoon Destinations You don’t need to spend on foreign trips to get the best wedding destination or a romantic honeymoon destination. There are numerous honeymoon places in India to fall in love with..

These places will give you the feel of the best beaches and taste of nature which will make your trip the most memorable one.

Honeymoon Destinations

Planning your romantic honeymoon right now? Take a look at these popular destinations from our list below and choose the ideal one for you! We offer specially crafted Honeymoon Packages to these heavenly destinations, which can make you enjoy the most amazing vacation with your life partner.

12 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations In India

1. Goa

Goa has always been among the top most romantic honeymoon destinations for couples in India. The different beach, the fenny, the seafood, the cool crowd that does not care what you are doing is all that is perfect for a newly married couple.

You can stay at an expensive resort or at a humbler hotel. You will spend most of your time in the shacks. You will love taking the romantic walks along the beach and going for the paragliding rides by the beach.

Goa has a wonderful nightlife so you can booze and dance all night and get a wonderfully relaxing spa treatment the next morning. Goa is the perfect place to go have fun and recharge for the hard work of setting up a new life together.

2. Andaman

Another beautiful yet peaceful place, for you, is Andaman. The cost will be higher, and more importantly, you will need a longer holiday. If you can manage that, you must visit Andaman. You get to go snorkelling and have candlelit dinners right on the beach. You get to see islands like Havelock and walk on the beach as long as you want.

Diving and snorkelling together will give you access to a whole new world together. Go watch the sunset at the Sunset Point on the western beach. You can go to different Islands and explore through Cruise. Andaman is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many young people. You hardly ever get the time to explore the Andaman Islands as a working-class adult. So when you get this chance, don’t miss it.

3. Kerala

Kerala is not only one of the best honeymoon places in India, but it is also one of the natural places in India.. And there is so much to explore! The backwaters, the hills, the waterfalls, the Western Ghats, and the unique beaches of Kerala will make you want to spend weeks there.

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Explore the beauty of Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, and Kollam together. Take a houseboat to cruise through the backwaters. You can stay on the houseboats too for a unique experience explore the Ayurvedic spa treatments, Kovalam is famous for. You will return with at least a year of fuel to continue with the monotonous work life. The beauty of your honeymoon destination will make sure you have the right start to your married life, no matter whether you have known your partner for years or just a few months.

4. Jammu and Kashmir

Everybody wants to go to Jammu and Kashmir but it is not an easy trip to plan. You need to be sure that the political scenario there is at peace for the time being. a honeymoon is the best possible time to go on a Kashmir trip.

The snow, the rugged mountains at the distance and the green valleys around you will make you both fall in love all over again. If you go during the summer you will see the waterfalls and you will enjoy a cool day and cosy in at night. Dal Lake is perfect for professional quality honeymoon shots. There is a lot to say about Kashmir. Why don’t you explore from a catalogue for yourself? Trust me, you will get hooked. Don’t forget the Strawberry Valley in Gulmarg.

5. The Golden Triangle

The Delhi-Agra-Jaipur is the oldest tourist plan for Indians. If you are conventional, or simply want to go to these three places, take this trip for your honeymoon. Take some amazing couple pictures in front of the Taj Mahal for your honeymoon album because your love is definitely better than Shah Jahan’s.

Explore the markets of Delhi and shop like crazy. The prices are low. If you can bargain, you might be coming back with 3 extra travel bags all full of things you will need and not need at home and things you want to gift to your dear ones.

If you are going to Jaipur you will feel like exploring all of Rajasthan. But that is not possible on a single trip. Unless of course you are on a wanderlust experience with your partner and you don’t care if it takes you a month.

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6. Rajasthan

Talking about Rajasthan, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India because of the wide range of options it allows. There are so many cities to explore, so many cuisines to try, and so many traditional outfits to dress up in for a honeymoon photo album.

The royal life and the historical facts of the beautiful forts can give you a different kind of experience. You can take a ride on Camelsor explore the villages and get to know the culture of the people. Rajasthan is rich with its cultural artwork. You will definitely want to carry back many souvenirs from the place.

7. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is called “the Switzerland of India” for a reason. The beautiful blue lakes of Nainital, the Himalayas from Dehradun, the ski resort at Auli, all add to the fun activities you can do and romantic days you can spend with your partner. You will forget that you are in India. Uttarakhand is a perfect getaway.

Don’t miss the famous Corbett National Park. Nainital, Mussourrie, and Kaushani are some of the places you must visit. You can go river rafting, skiing, and trekking or mountaineering if you are the aggressive activity loving couple or you can stay in the cities, going on walks and boat rides in the lakes if you are the quieter, romantic kind. My suggestion would be to do both! Uttarakhand will offer the best situations to push your limits with your partner.

8. Kodaikanal and Ooty

These hill stations in Tamil Nadu are to die for. The lush green hills look like something straight out of a picture. Ooty is called the “Queen of hill stations” and you will know why, once you get there. You get to take a Nilgiri toy train ride, visit the Bandipur sanctuary, and see the Emerald Lake and Avalanche Lake. Don’t forget to explore the Pykara Falls and the Pykara Dam, or the Pine Forests. You will simply love Ooty.

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If Ooty is the “Queen of hill stations”, Kodaikanal is the “Princess”. The Kodai Lake, Bear Shola Falls, Pillar Rocks, Coaker’s Walk, Silver Cascade, and Byrant Park are the important places to visit.

9. Shillong

The Northeast Indian states offer some great Honeymoon places in India. Shillong is one of them. It is called the “Scotland of the East”. The colonial charm is intact.

The roads and the people are all peaceful and the city is perfect for a romantic getaway. The lakes, waterfalls, and meandering roads in the valleys of Shillong will make both of you want to get a little out there.

10. Rishikesh

If you are the health freak couple that does not understand the point in wasting your days away in a hotel room, Rishikesh is the place for you. River rafting, power yoga, Rishikesh is known for all this. Apart from that, it is a very beautiful place. The active couple in you might just want to take a moment for a lousy stroll while the romantic peaceful couple might as well want to embark on an adventure. A Rishikesh trip will change you.

So, these honeymoon destinations suit couples of all tastes, as well as a honeymoon package to these destinations, can be given as wedding gifts for the newlywed couple. You want an active holiday, you got it. You want to spend the entire holiday in your bedroom, looking at a beautiful scenery through the window, you got it. Happy honeymooning.

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