These Cities for a Dreamy Affair with a Refreshing Vibe

An outdoor wedding ceremony under the stars with a breezy charm that puts all of your guests at ease sounds fantastic. But as we all know that there is a temporary ban on lavish outdoor weddings due to the pandemic, a small garden wedding is your way to go if the aforementioned setting is your idea of a dream wedding.

There is a long list of cities in India where you can have a small garden wedding that is as stunning as ever. But just like everything else in wedding planning, zeroing down on one city can be a harrowing task. Ideally, you would just have your small garden wedding in the very city that you are currently residing in. But since the restrictions on inter-state air as well as train travel have eased, you can head up to your desired location with your tiny wedding party, given that you follow all the safety and sanitation precautions all the way.


So if you have logged in to your laptop in order to do some research about how exactly to plan for your small garden wedding, chances are that you are currently swamped with a sea of articles about everything wedding-related. From how to plan a garden wedding, small unique wedding ideas, small garden wedding reception ideas, small wedding venues for 20 guests, outdoor wedding reception decorations ideas, to small backyard wedding ideas on a budget, and even how to plan a small backyard wedding reception and garden wedding dress ideas, you can find everything on the world wide web, and so we have decided to pitch in and hopefully help you with the dilemma of where exactly you can have your small garden wedding. We have listed down some cities below where your dream of a fairytale garden wedding can come true. So read on.

Small garden wedding in Bangalore

We could not have started this list with any city other than Bangalore, the City Of Gardens! The city, despite having a concrete frame, is sprawling with lush gardens that add to its unique landscape and provide that serenity factor amid all the hustle-bustle. In Bangalore, you will be spoiled for choices while picking out a venue for your small garden wedding so if you are an indecisive birdie, we highly suggest that you add Bangalore to your list of locations for your ideal garden wedding. We are always here to help you find a venue for your small garden wedding in Bangalore.

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Small garden wedding in Lucknow

The City Of Nawabs has that faded sense of grandiosity to this day. It seems as if the whole city, even though vastly developed, is still living in that nostalgia of its sovereign past. Its heritage monuments, universities, palaces and Havelis, some of which have been transformed into administrative buildings, and the nawabi andaaz of its people all add to the same. And the gardens constructed by the elite of the past, that are flourishing even to this day, are a major source of serenity, greenery, as well as that faint royal charm for the city. In these very gardens, you can have a beautiful rustic garden wedding. So if all of this sounds good to you,let’s start looking at venues for a small garden wedding in Lucknow.

Small garden wedding in Udaipur

One of the most beautiful cities in India, Udaipur, is one of the most preferred wedding destinations, not just in the country but in the entire world. Its grandiosity, culture, and heritage extend a royal touch to weddings, and hence it offers one of the most genuinely unique experiences ever. Although it is officially known as the City Of Lakes, it is also home to some of the most luscious gardens there ever were and hence you are certain the perfect one for your small garden wedding in Udaipur. You can incorporate so many unique garden wedding ideas and bring to life the wedding of your dreams in  Udaipur.

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Small garden wedding in Nagpur

he Orange City Of India is blessed with some beautiful gardens where you can have your small garden wedding. From an array of themes, you can choose your perfect romantic garden wedding theme. You can have a nature-themed wedding or a bohemian-themed ceremony adorned with fairy lights and flowy drapes, there is absolutely no shortage of small garden wedding ideas. And no matter what your budget, theme, or preferences are, Nagpur will not disappoint you. So we highly suggest you get cracking on the planning and if you ever hit a bump on the way, will say the day. From finding outdoor wedding venues in Nagpur to hiring any kind of vendors, we are your event beck and call. Let’s start exploring venues for a small garden wedding in Nagpur.

Small garden wedding in Meerut

One of the ancient cities in India, Meerut, or Merath as it is known affectionately, is a culture-rich city. It is characterized as a small city but offers almost all infrastructures that one can find in metro cities. From luxurious hotels to business parks to skyscrapers, Meerut has everything. But staying true to the theme of this blog, what we will focus on is the beautiful small garden wedding venues that the city offers. Lush landscapes with a refreshing vibe and breezy ambiance, the gardens are perfect for your small garden wedding in Meerut. You can check out the for planning an outdoor wedding checklist. All of your needs will be perfectly catered to over here.

Found what you were looking for? Great! If not, our whole website is specially curated for our newly-weds – to-be and just at a simple click of a finger, you can easily find anything you need. From an array of stunning venues for your small garden wedding to a long list of caterers and decorators, ready to serve you to makeup artists and hair-stylists that will come to the comfort of your home, which is extremely important in these times of Covid-19. We assure you that if you turn to for assistance with your wedding planning, what you will receive is a seamless hosting experience and precious memories for a lifetime of your beautiful wedding celebration.

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