Small Wedding- The New Trend Set By This Pandemic

If you are dreaming of a small wedding, you are not alone. A big fat Indian wedding during the COVID times is next to impossible, but we have picked a few cities and come up with small wedding ideas that surely will help. The face of the wedding has changed but that does not mean your d-day has to be compromised. When it comes to hosting a small wedding during the corona inflicted days, Weddingz offers safe and special spaces where you can opt to invite up to 50 people at a time, and your favorite people who can’t be a part of your intimate wedding can easily become a part of it using 21st century’s favorite invention-video call!


Small Wedding- The New Trend Set By This Pandemic is like a silver lining. A small wedding has its own benefits, you get to save lots of money comparatively, and you have a reason for not inviting your nosy relatives to your big day! From intimate wedding ideas to lists of small wedding venues for 20 guests, we have done thorough research and picked out some great cities for you!

Check out our list of the hottest cities in India to plan and execute a small wedding.

Small Wedding In Cuttack

Planning a small intimate wedding and making it a flamboyant affair is something not everybody can do. Just like that, planning a small wedding in Cuttack is not easy but the wedding venues in Cuttack would do everything in their power to make your d-day an unforgettable one. From terrace spaces to open lawns, you can choose a variety of options and make your favorite one your marriage venue in Cuttack. Not just that, also there are a few small wedding halls in Cuttack that could be an option.

Small Wedding In Puri

Offering small wedding ideas on a budget, the gorgeous and very underrated Puri is a gem. To plan your small wedding in Puri, you gotta decide what your theme would be. Of Course, it is going to be a small wedding, but that does not mean it can’t be fun, right? There are some great marriage mandaps in Puri that take care of all of your needs for your event. You will find all kinds of wedding venues in Puri- from gardens to banquet halls. It’s up to you what you want to choose. Picked just for you, here are some wedding places to have a small wedding in Puri.

Small Wedding In Faridabad

Looking for some inspiration to host a small wedding in Faridabad? Search no further, as we are here with a list of a few wedding venues in Faridabad to hold your nuptials. Either that or you can host your special day at just your backyard, yet in style and we would surely help you out with small wedding ideas at home. From indoor spaces to the wedding lawn, in Faridabad, you get to see almost each and every type of wedding venue. We can’t let this pandemic be the reason for a flop event, so do explore our website for party places in Faridabad.

Small Wedding In Chennai

Wondering how you can pull off a small wedding in Chennai? Here we are with the best marriage halls in Chennai that will make your d-day look like a dream come true! Rumors have it that South Indian weddings are always very tight-knit, we know that’s so not true! But for people who had planned a wedding before this pandemic hit us, you get to choose from small banquet halls to outdoor wedding venues in Chennai that add charm to your event. Take a step further and check out the top 10 banquet halls in Chennai to host voguish events.

Small Wedding In Baroda

For hosting a small wedding in Baroda, the first and the most basic step is to choose who all can make it to the wedding. Then after deciding that, you have to come to a conclusion which is the best banquet hall in Vadodara that gives you the wedding vibes. If you are not in the city but somewhere nearby, you can make a list of some great resorts near Vadodara for weddings. Who said a small wedding cannot be luxurious? Check out our website to explore the best wedding places in Vadodara to get a gist of what your wedding can look like.

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