Small Wedding for 20 Guests in Cities that Can Turn Your Dream

There are majorly three types of couples that plan weddings. Those that want a flamboyant ceremony with hundreds of guests in attendance, those that want an intimate wedding, say a small wedding for 20 guests, in the presence of just their close ones, and then there are the ones that simply don’t care about who shows up and who does not and just want to finally get married to the love of their lives! But because the ongoing pandemic has made it impossible to host weddings with long guest lists, regardless of which of the above categories you fall into, if you want to get married this year, then a small wedding for 20 guests or so has to be your way to go. In India specifically, a maximum of 50 wedding guests are allowed and these days we are getting to see some beautiful small weddings. And it is worth mentioning that small wedding perks or pros of a small wedding are many


If you are someone who wishes for a grandiose wedding and is confused about how you will plan a small wedding for 20 guests, worry not as has everything that will assist you in doing so. And if you were already planning to have a small ceremony and have everything else figured out, this blog will give you the clarity you need about which are the cities that you can host your small wedding for 20 guests.

Small wedding for 20 guests in Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh’s very own City Of Lakes, Bhopal, is one of those cities that although vastly developed, still identify with the sweet small city character. Here, you will find a vast range of gorgeous wedding venues that will make for the perfect backdrop for your small wedding for 20 guests in Bhopal. Regardless of whether you want an expensive, luxurious affair or a simple wedding concept, you will have venues that will cater to your idea of the perfect intimate wedding be it indoors or outdoor. As a cherry on the cake, we at are ready to assist you with all kinds of wedding-related stuff, making your whole experience a seamless and stress-free one.

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Small wedding for 20 guests in Patna

The capital city of the northeastern state of Bihar, the ancient city of Patna lies on the banks of the river Ganges. Historically known as Patliputra, it is the home of the valiant king Ashoka and one of the epicenters of Buddhism. It is characterized by its ancient universities and monasteries and offers a rich culture and heritage. It is but natural that a city with such beautiful historic and cultural disposition makes for an ideal setting for an intimate wedding ceremony. Regardless of your budget, theme, and preferences, you are certain to have beautiful small wedding venues for 20 guests for your small wedding for 20 guests in Patna.

Small wedding for 20 guests in Puri

Home of one of the most famous and holiest temples of India, Lord Jagannath Temple, Puri is rightfully known as the Temple City Of India. It offers you both, some of the most beautiful temples where you can come and find spirituality and inner peace as well as gorgeous wedding venues where you can tie the knot with the love of your life. And if you are planning a small intimate wedding, we highly suggest you do that in Puri as you will definitely find that perfect venue for your small wedding for 20 guests in Puri where you will be able to make some of the most beautiful memories with your better half.

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Small wedding for 20 guests in Gurugram

Gurugram, the neighbor of Delhi, is just as developed, metropolitan, and bustling. It has some of the best infrastructures and is highly prosperous. It is also home to a well-to-do population. Hence, it is no stranger to lavish weddings but no matter how much wealth you have, you can’t potentially risk the lives of so many of your relatives by continuing that tradition of lavish weddings. But worry not as nowhere does it say that a small wedding can’t be luxurious. Gurugram is famously some of the most luxurious wedding venues that will take the baroque and ostentation of your small wedding to the next level. So do add Gurugram to the list of potential cities for your small wedding, and let us help you find a venue of your dreams to host a small wedding for 20 guests in Gurugram.

Small wedding for 20 guests in Baroda

Baroda or Vadodara is known by many affectionate nicknames including Sayaji Nagari, Sanskari Nagari, and the World Capital Of Garba, and we can tell you that the last one is definitely true! Baroda has this vibrant charm that attracts everyone towards it. It promises a fun and lively time to everyone who visits and delivers effortlessly. It is also known for its stunning Gujarati weddings of lavish natures but it also does offer some gorgeous venues that will cater to your small wedding for 20 guests in Baroda just as perfectly. So if you are a fan of khana and gaana, Baroda might be the right place for your intimate wedding.

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