Small Traditional Wedding Venues For a Celebration

The idea of hosting a small traditional wedding in a country like ours is unheard of! But all thanks to COVID-19, this is going to be the norm for many years to come. And also, because you may want your wedding pictures to go viral, and not your guests in the current scenario! So let’s talk about a small traditional wedding, shall we? India is celebrated as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country. Weddings in this country are a grand affair with a lot of uniqueness, traditions, and rituals. Every different state and different city in India has its way of celebration. Moreover, no wedding is considered complete without completing these traditions and rituals with the utmost precision. However, weddings are going small these days. So, if you are planning on one such small traditional wedding in the grandest way possible, then you are welcome on our blog page with open arms. We have done our homework as usual, and we have gone all out to bring to you the best we could do.


As we go about, talking about the cities, we have shortlisted a few out of many that are famously known for the small traditional wedding. These cities celebrate their weddings like a festival. It goes on for days, and all the guests stay over and have fun participating in all your ancestral frenzies. Though you can’t call over every relative and friend of yours. However, you can call your close buddies and make your guest list hit a count of 50. The rest of your guests can attend your small traditional wedding virtually.

So, are you all set to host a small traditional wedding? Because we are all set to give you a list of the best venues in your city, where you can look for the customs that you wish to follow and host your small traditional wedding accordingly. Dive right into our list and check it out. For venues and services, wander through our website. Good Luck!

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Small Traditional Wedding in Goa

Customs, traditions, rituals, and culture flows deep in the Goan blood. Moreover, as city demographics is leaned more towards Christianity, this city is famous for traditional Christian wedding celebrations. Goan weddings are spread over 4 to 5 days. Weddings here are a serious thing, and they plan it for months and even years in advance. Guests love to feast, sing, dance, and celebrate the union of love. However, this pandemic has taken a toll on all our plans, but the best thing is nobody will stop you from celebrating a small traditional wedding in this city. If you are one such couple willing to host a small traditional wedding in Goa, then this city will welcome you wholeheartedly. The bride can adorn herself in a long white traditional gown, and the groom can suit up. So, go on to our website and look for a wedding venue in Goa yourself.

Small Traditional Wedding in Bangalore

Another small traditional wedding that we will look into is a Kannada wedding. For that, we have picked Bangalore city as it belongs to the state of Karnataka. Weddings in Bangalore are unique. The bride sits in the mandap with her face covered in a peacock shaped fan. It also includes rituals like Dhare Herdu (kanyadaan) and Satapadi (Saat Phere). The customs here are filled with joy and laughter. Hundreds of guests would come and bless the couple. However, now they can do that online while you host your small traditional wedding in Bangalore with only 50 guests. So, if this is where you were planning for your big day, then you can go ahead and look out for wedding venues in Bangalore on our exclusive wedding website.

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Small Traditional Wedding in Gandhinagar

Next up is a Gujarati wedding. Even by the name you know, it is loud, dazzling, fun, and a big celebration. The city that we have picked for you is Gandhinagar. Gandhinagar is a planned city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, and obviously, is a host to many traditional Gujarati weddings. The wedding altogether includes a lot of quirky customs such as mother-in-law clutching the nose of the groom when he comes to ask for her blessings. The small traditional wedding also includes rituals like Hasta Milap, Jai mala, and kanyadaan. Unlike other Hindu weddings, Gujratis take four Pheras which are called Mangal Pheras. During Mangal Pheras, the couple circles the holy fire four times which symbolizes ‘Dharma’, ‘Artha’, ‘Kama’, and ‘Moksha’. So, are you up for a small traditional wedding in Gandhinagar? If yes, then let’s drop directly on our website and start looking for wedding venues in Gandhinagar.

Small Traditional Wedding in Pune

Next up is a Maharashtrian wedding and the location for your small traditional wedding is the city of Pune. This type of wedding comes in with several rituals and all the guests enjoy every bit of it. Along the customs to follow on your big day, a traditional Maharashtrian wedding also comes with many pre-wedding rituals such as SakharPuda, Muhurt Karane, Kelvan, Halad Chadavane, and so on. The main day rituals involve the father of the bride giving his daughter’s hand to the groom. The groom then ties a mangalsutra around the neck of the bride and applies sindoor on her hair parting. The bride applies a Chandan (sandalwood) tikka on the groom’s forehead. So, don’t you think you will need an apt wedding venue in Pune to host a wedding standing true to all your beliefs? So, are you up for a small traditional wedding in Pune? So, go ahead and check out some amazing small wedding halls in Pune on our website.

Small Traditional Wedding in Chennai

The last one is a Tamil wedding and any guesses with the location? We will give you a little hint. The city we are talking about has some exotic beaches, and it is tucked on the Bay of Bengal in eastern India, and it is also the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. Yes, we are talking about Chennai. A traditional Tamil wedding has a lot of fun wedding and post-wedding rituals. The major rituals include the Haldi ceremony, sangeet followed by Panda Kaal Muhurtham, Agni Satchi, and so on. You can get good options for wedding venues in Chennai. If you are hosting a small traditional wedding in Chennai, then this place is a heaven of venues. If you don’t believe us, then you know where you should be checking the venues, yes, on our website.

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