Small Garden Wedding Venues to Host a Wedding

While Coronavirus has been busy terrorizing our streets, we all have been indoors, confined within the four walls for a long time. But a lot of couples have surprised us with a small garden wedding during these testing times. Well, as they say, ‘Ladka ladki raazi to kya karega Kazi‘. In this case, Corona you have no say. Also, a small garden wedding feels like a breath of fresh air after spending eternity at home. So if your wedding day is around the corner, then don’t you think you should consider a small garden wedding too? A small outdoor wedding is ultra-romantic and super chic, be it intimate or big. It will be great to exchange the vows under the clear blue skies, right? Plus maintaining social distancing and attending to your guest list, which is not more than 50, is easier in an open-air small wedding lawn than a wedding hall. Do you agree with us?


If you are one such couple looking to host a small garden wedding, then you might be hunting for small wedding lawns across cities. So, a little tip from us – first and foremost, pick a city that will require the least amount of traveling for you. Then go around the city looking for venues. Of course, every city offers amazing landscapes and lush green grounds, where you can pull off a small garden wedding. We have picked 5 such cities with utmost beauty and greenery. The cities are Bangalore – the garden city, Bhopal – the lake city, Nagpur – the orange city, Nashik – the wine city, and Goa – the beach heaven.

So, if you want these cities to be your small wedding destination, then go ahead and scroll down. You will be impressed by the elements these locations have to offer. Moreover, it would be wonderful if you found a venue of your dreams in your city. Hop on board, we will go to the city surfing together. Let’s go.

Small Garden Wedding in Bangalore

What could be better than a garden city for a small garden wedding? If we talk about history, Bangalore began hundreds of years ago, when Lord Kempe Gowda, a feudal lord, was hunting. It grew over the years but was always in the shadows of the nearby city of Mysore. However, in the year 1831, the British took over the Mysore Kingdom and relocated the capital to Bangalore. And, this also the times when the Garden city got its name as several gardens and parks were created. Though now the city is a bustling center for technology, it still has lush green spaces and nature parks, and the beauty attracts around 1.5 million tourists a year. So, if you are all set for a small garden wedding in Bangalore, then we are ready too. For amazing wedding venues in Bangalore, you have our website all to yourself.

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Small Garden Wedding in Bhopal

The beauty of lakes, the timelessness of nature around, and the charm in the tone of the city of Bhopal invite you to host your small garden wedding here. Lakes are surely an alluring sight, and we believe that you will love to host a wedding overlooking the waters or capture it in the backdrop of your wedding photo shoot. Surely this place is a lot more than just being a city of home. It brings in the love of nature to your wedding ceremonies, and you will not regret your decision of hosting your day here. Bhopal has a fascinating laid-back, old-school vibe going for it. So, if you are a fan of it, then you can plan your small garden wedding in Bhopal. Check for amazing wedding venues in Bhopal on our website. You can also look for small lawns in Bhopal.

Small Garden Wedding in Nagpur

One city that has historical significance and also the blessings of mother nature is Nagpur. It is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra and has around five sanctuaries for tiger reserves, thus, it is sometimes called – the Tiger City of India. This city is popular for its orange produce and is fondly referred to as the Orange City of India. Among the number of places Nagpur has for all of us, some of those are lakes, forts, temples, and so on. Don’t you think this place is a complete package when it comes to hosting a small garden wedding in Nagpur? Wedding venues in Nagpur render such beautiful settings to take your wedding ceremony outdoors. Have a look at them on our exclusive website.

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Small Garden Wedding in Nashik

Another beautiful location in Maharashtra is Nashik. Tucked on the banks of River Godavari, this location has a lot to offer when it comes to hosting a grand wedding. It is also considered to be a holy city in the west of this Indian State as it has several temples attracting tourists all year round. It’s known for its links to the “Ramayana” epic poem. Nearby, Lord Rama was thought to have bathed at RamKund water tank, today attended by Hindu devotees. If Nashik is the city you have zoomed onto to host your small garden wedding, then have a look at our list of wedding lawns in Nashik. Get on-board with us and check out the venues together. You will surely find a gem of venue to host a small garden wedding in Nashik.

Small Garden Wedding in Goa

We are talking about small garden weddings, and who are we kidding if we didn’t even consider the next location. The location we are talking about is Goa. The coastlines of Goa, a state in Western India brimming with beaches, stretches along the Arabian Sea. Imbibing Portuguese architecture into its soul and peppered with 17th-century churches, Goa offers the best of both worlds. So, for such whimsical small weddings, we have the best of wedding lawns in Goa listed on our website. You can have a look at the lawns and have an insight into the wedding venues in Goa, where you can plan your day. We are sure that you will find a venue to host your small garden wedding in Goa.

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