Quick And Easy Hacks To Plan A Budget Roka While You Sit At Home!

Who says budget wedding events can’t be fun and pretty? Planning a budget roka takes effort, time and of course some brilliant hacks. While you are quarantined at home, you have all the time to do the planning and research that a fun and lively roka will need.


As for the wedding planning hacks and ideas, we have this list of easy to do hacks that will help you plan the budget roka of your dreams!

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Cut Down Your Guestlist

Intimate wedding events is going to be key after the lockdown is lifted. Even if the Government allows large events and functions, it’s important to curtail your guest list. This way you can have hygiene control as well as fit it in your budget!

Opt For A Home Venue

Pick a venue that will accommodate your intimate guest list and doesn’t have a decorator monopoly or anything that will add to your cost. You can do it at the terrace or lawns in your home or at a family’s terrace/lawns. Most gated communities today have a banquet hall facility and clubhouses too, so check with you society when you are looking for a venue!

ick Your Outfits Wisely

You don’t need to spend a bomb on your roka outfit, especially of you are having an at-home event. Pick something that is classic that can be re-used and doesn’t have a huge price tag. You can also borrow a saree from your mom or even grandmom’s wardrobe if you don’t want to spend. If you want to go designer, we would recommend checking out new labels online as you are at home and checking out their collections before you shop. We loved this bride’s elegant roka outfit which was in such a great colour! 


You don’t need a DJ for a simple roka event. If you have a cousin or friend who is a budding DJ artist, you can hire them or simply borrow a good sound system to play music. Create your own playlist as you are quarantined at home and you are good to go!


Do Up The Décor

Just because you have a budget roka doesn’t mean you need to do away with décor. In fact there are brilliant ways to light up a venue with different décor hacks. Check these 15 décor ideas that cost you less than Rs 5000!

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Say Yes To Delicious Food

Food is the one element in any wedding function that you shouldn’t compromise on, especially in terms of quality and taste. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend a bomb on it. Pick a good yet limited menu for your roka to avoid the extravagant spend. Pick an appetizer or two, have 3-4 main course dishes and two desserts. If you are having a cake, you can have that served as one dessert!

DIY Your Favors

Use this quarantine time to create or plan beautiful DIY favors for your guests. You can check out these beautiful DIY favor ideas or even simply browse online if you have something specific. This is also a great time to try baking and see if you could do some fun cookies or brownies as your favors!

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