New & Exciting Table Decor Ideas For Your Wedding This Year!

Decor Your wedding decor should not just resonate with the theme of your wedding, but also with your personality. When you decide to get married in a particular setting, each element of your decor matters a lot. And as much as everyone pays extra attention to the mandap decor or the overall seating arrangement plans, it is also necessary to focus on the table layout and decor. The elements that you choose to decorate your tables with must match with your overall theme. And unlike the olden times, when tables were not an element of decoration but just a place to sit by and eat, table decor has taken the front seat as an essential part of wedding decorations.

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Honestly, having pretty tables, where you sit and dine, is just more satisfying than sitting just anywhere. So, to help you choose the perfect table decor that matches your mood board, here are some options. So, scroll down below and bookmark these trendy table decor ideas for weddings & get a fabulous decoration by your wedding decorator.

Fun & Whimsical Table Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

Long Table Decor

While Indian weddings are marked with smaller tables at functions, long tables have come into fashion. And with the advent of longer tables at wedding functions, comes the opportunity for more exciting patterns of decoration. You can choose to line these tables in lighter linens, with flowers, foliage, exciting center pieces, candles, and fine cutlery. In fact, the kind of chairs you opt for with your long tables also matters. So, choose wisely from these latest table decor ideas for your wedding!

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Round Table Decor

The most classic style of tables used in weddings are the round tables. From being able to seat a minimum of three to a maximum of seven people, round tables are fun to decorate and create a more intimate environment for friends and family. And when we say round table decor, do not mistaken it for those gaudy satin linen in basic, pink and white. Your round tables can be lined with flowers, adorned with gorgeous center pieces and of course covered in beautiful linen. All you have to do is make sure it syncs with your all over decoration.

OTT Centrepieces

The days of dainty centrepieces are over. It’s all about the over the top, grandiose centrepieces that make wedding decor every bit fabulous. Table centrepieces aren’t merely a showpiece and to to be forgotten later. They are also about showcasing your personal style and ideation, be it floral & branched ones for rustic feels, quirky ones for fun zesty vibes, terrariums for class or huge opulent ones for a luxe aura.

Small Rectangular Table Decor

Smaller rectangular tables are great for a more intimate setting. They are easy to decorate and can seat about six to eight people. If you’re someone looking for ideas on how to decorate rectangular tables, which are not too long, but just big enough to seat a certain amount of guests, then check out our favourite table decorations !

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Table Decor With Lights

Fairy lights are dreamy no matter where they are put. Whether you put them around cosy winter decor or to add a nice twist to a summery night-time function, decorative lights will always be an element worth adding. So, why not add them to your table seating decor? Here are some trendy table decor ideas for weddings with lights.

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