How to Plan your Dream Wedding During Lockdown?

Being wedding planners and a part of the wedding planning industry for over eight years, it is safe to say that the Corona pandemic is an unprecedented event in wedding planning history. Hotels shut down, travel plans restricted, airports shut down and big groups getting together, all of which are essential in a destination wedding are difficult in these times.
We completely understand the heart break a couple must be facing, who have been planning their dream wedding for years at end and we are going to try our best to help you plan your dream wedding in spite of the lockdown. While it is difficult to say when the Corona fear will die down and we can start to resume our normal activities once again, here are some ways you can plan your wedding during the lockdown:

1. Contact People in the Wedding Industry to better understand your options and associated costs.

Now that you have time on your hands, it’s best to put it to good use in planning your dream wedding. Contact us to guide you in planning your wedding. We will help you understand the best hotels and best resorts in the location of your choice. Now that you have time on your hands, it’s best to put it to good use in planning your dream wedding.

Contact us to guide you in planning your wedding. We will help you with finding hidden gems in any part of India that is suitable for a destination wedding. We will help you draw up the total budget required for planning a wedding based on the hotel and other expenses necessary according to your choice.

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2. Research venues

If you like backwaters, you can consider Kerala. If you like the sea, and a beach wedding is on your mind, Goa and Mahabalipuram are wonderful options. If you like the opulence and luxury of the yesteryears, Rajasthan is a dream destination to get married at. If you like the hills and forest, a wedding in Mussorie or Jim Corbett National Park would be ideal.

Choosing a good venue is the most important aspect of planning a wedding. Search the internet to understand what are the best options in your preferred destination.

Compare rates, see the amenities available and if the rooms are sufficient for your guest list.

Most importantly, read reviews on TripAdvisor and such other portals that would have experiences from other people who got married at these properties.

3. Discuss hotel rates

Talk to us to know more about the best hotel rates and options in your budget.
We are in contact with the managers of most of the top hotels in India and even in lockdown, we can get you a quote of any hotel of your choice.

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4. Make decor mood boards

The good thing about the lockdown is that now you have extra time on your hands. Why not utilize it to make mood boards on pinterest or a simple word file on how each function would look. You can make mood boards based on each function, based on your outfits, based on the flowers you love, based on colors and based on pretty decor elements that you want included in your wedding. This will help to bring to life the vision you have for your special day.

5. Prepare yourself for the wedding

As a bride or groom, soon-to-be, we know you need some time off to relax and prepare yourself for the wedding. While you de-stress and do your research, we will help you stay calm by keeping you abreast with the latest updates. Stay in touch with us to keep yourself updated about the latest news in the wedding industry regarding the Corona pandemic.

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