Have You Ever Thought of Getting Married in Northern Italy?

Have you ever thought of getting married in Northern Italy? Inside the ancient Royal Palace of Milan for instance, in a luxurious room with golden framed mirrors, sixteen crystal chandeliers and damask chairs. Marrying in Italy could be wonderful oh yes! And perhaps obtaining a permit to arrive by car right in Piazza del Duomo and admire together the striking Cathedral before walking up the majestic staircase… Have you ever imagined how special your marriage could be if celebrated in one of the most romantic countries in the world?

And what about getting married in Venice or Verona? Should you prefer a different atmosphere, your wedding can be organized in an ancient palace from the 17th century located near Rialto Bridge or right in Juliet’s House and have your wedding photo shoot taken on the famous little balcony… In any case, bride and groom will have the opportunity to enjoy the sophisticated Italian style and Italian wedding planners will be happy to assist them in choosing the perfect banquet location, the perfect roses, the perfect music.

Milan: not many people know that this business city has actually a romantic soul and is rich in history, great monuments and works of art: a long long time ago, Milan was governed by wealthy and powerful families and a lot of artists, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Donato Bramante, were employed by them in order to make it beautiful. Since Summer 2011, civil weddings in Milan can be celebrated in the prestigious Royal Palace, which was the seat of the government for centuries and stands just to the right of the Cathedral’s facade, in the opposite direction with respect to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the oldest shopping mall in Italy.

Venice: famous for being the most romantic city on earth, Venice is built on 117 islands, connected by 409 bridges, and consisting of 177 canals, including the Grand Canal in the shape of an S; particularly renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and works of art, it has been a World Heritage Site since 1987 along with its marvellous Lagoon. Your marriage in Venice will be held at Palazzo Cavalli, in a room that is considered one of the most famous marriage halls in the world, with a balcony overlooking the Rialto Bridge.

Verona: Verona has been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in the year 2000; it is not surprising at all because it is an extraordinary example of a city that has developed gradually and uninterruptedly over 2000 years, incorporating artistic elements of the greatest quality from every single period. Verona is also famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the most romantic tragedy of all time; in the 1930’s, a balcony inspired by the drama was added to the House of Juliet (a small medieval building located in the historic centre) and this is exactly the place where you will get married!

Caterina Pomini

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