Effects Of The Coronavirus & Their Advice To Couples

We’ve hit a snag, thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. With weddings postponed, flights cancelled, travel banned, your wedding plans seem to be put on hold for now. Sitting at home, you’re probably going over your wedding planner and reminiscing all the fun times you had planned for your upcoming wedding. You’re best friends were going to make a road trip to your wedding destination, all your outfits were designed and ready to be shipped and every function was planned to the last detail, decor, and everything!


Alas! Tragedy never does announce itself to your doorstep. It just shows up. Much like the COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing today. But feeling disheartened is not the solution. Similar to your paused plans, wedding vendors are also facing an uncertain situation because of the viral outbreak. And here’s what they have to say about the situation.

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Wedding Vendors Reveal The Effect Of The Coronavirus & How Couples Should Plan Their Weddings

With weddings on hold and cities on lockdown, the Coronavirus has affected the wedding industry and put many plans on complete hold. The government has put the entire country on lockdown and precautions against the virus are seriously advised. This, in turn, has also affected many of those whose business and livelihood revolves around the wedding industry. However, wedding vendors are positive that the tide will turn soon and things will improve for the better.

How Has The Virus Outbreak Affected The Wedding Industry?

“The whole world, every country, and individual are in this situation together today; and while the effects are horrific in the short-term, everyone is working together as a community to resolve it. We are doing our bit and taking care of what we can at our end and our government is also intervening to support us overcome this problem. Our advice to couples is to not panic! In a global crisis like this, you will have to wait for a bit more to get married. Most of the stakeholders in the wedding industry, the hospitality industry included, are trying to support you in whatever way they can; especially in your decision to postpone your wedding. Most people are also offering a deferred date until the situation becomes a bit clear,” said DreamzKrraft Wedding.

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Also, they said, “People who are planning for the future should continue planning their wedding; as no one knows when this current scenario will change. At most, your wedding may take place at a later date. It is important though to discuss with your vendors that if the situation with coronavirus does not get resolved by the time of your event; you will have to push your event to a further date. Continue planning your wedding, but keep in place contingency plans that will help ensure you are protected.”

Our Advice: As the experts from DreamzKrraft Wedding said, the effect of the virus outbreak has given a hit to the industry. However, as suggested, couples should not cancel their bookings in a haste. Speak to your vendors and come up with a common date for the future. Postpone your booking, rather than cancelling it. This way, your money stays safe and invested with the right vendors. If you end up cancelling your booking, you may lose some money, if not all, and you may also not be able to book the previous vendor.

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