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This Is What a Destination Wedding Looks Like in 2020

If you have a serious case of wanderlust, you might consider planning a destination wedding. (Or perhaps you already hosted your nuptials far from home.) Given that marriage trends are constantly evolving, the definition of a destination wedding has taken on a totally new meaning today. If you find yourself wondering, “What is a destination wedding exactly?” we’ve […]

This Is How Much a Destination Wedding Costs on Average

You could be dreaming about exchanging vows in a castle or celebrating alongside your loved ones at a far-flung locale. A destination wedding is certainly a special way to celebrate your love, but budgetary questions could restrict you from achieving your dream day.  We surveyed over 27,000 couples who got married last year to find the average destination wedding […]

How to Plan your Dream Wedding During Lockdown?

Being wedding planners and a part of the wedding planning industry for over eight years, it is safe to say that the Corona pandemic is an unprecedented event in wedding planning history. Hotels shut down, travel plans restricted, airports shut down and big groups getting together, all of which are essential in a destination wedding […]

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Insurance

About Thousands of weddings have been cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the trouble is, everyone seems to be clueless about how long the delay will be. Looking at the current scenario, things are in a fix, and so much hard-earned money has been lost. This is when something like wedding insurance […]

Effects Of The Coronavirus & Their Advice To Couples

We’ve hit a snag, thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. With weddings postponed, flights cancelled, travel banned, your wedding plans seem to be put on hold for now. Sitting at home, you’re probably going over your wedding planner and reminiscing all the fun times you had planned for your upcoming wedding. You’re best friends were going […]

Couple Had An Eco-friendly Wedding On A Tiny Island!

Eco-friendly There’s one thing we can tell you- you might have never seen a wedding like this before! Everything about this wedding was super unique- right from the location, to the eco-friendly measures taken to even the bridal outfit, which was a 37 year old family heirloom. Yep, Tim and Aranya had a wedding which […]

New & Exciting Table Decor Ideas For Your Wedding This Year!

Decor Your wedding decor should not just resonate with the theme of your wedding, but also with your personality. When you decide to get married in a particular setting, each element of your decor matters a lot. And as much as everyone pays extra attention to the mandap decor or the overall seating arrangement plans, it is also necessary […]

Looking To Jazz Up Your Wedding Menu? Try Out Mouthwatering Dishes!

We’re all well aware of the fact that a major chunk of your wedding planning revolves around planning the right kind of food for every function. When it comes to food at Indian weddings, we’re all very certain that it is the one thing that guests remember every wedding by. They’ll not only discuss the food during […]

ShaadiSaga Bar Services Now Live in Mumbai & Chandigarh

ShaadiSaga Remember that cousin’s wedding where his best friend’s speech was full of hiccups and his dance moves left a striking mark on your memory all because of the few shots he had? Or that other wedding where your best friend, the bride, was so tense but downing a few drinks helped her relax and […]

Dreamy Destination Wedding In Corbett With A Bride

Dreamy While Udaipur Or Goa maybe the most popular choices when it comes to a destination wedding in India, there’s something absolutely dreamy about having a wedding with the hills as the backdrop and in a national forest! That was exactly why we loved this beautiful wedding in Corbett Riverside Resort! To add to the beautiful venue […]