Brides, Your Ultimate Intimate Wedding Planning Guide Is Here!

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world, weddings had to take a backseat, which in turn has a domino effect on everyone, everywhere. However, life is slowly getting back to normal. One such normal is getting the wedding brigade back on track. Authorities are taking baby steps to ensure that couples and their loved ones can finally hold weddings that had been postponed earlier. So for now, it’s all about holding Intimate Weddings.


We know what you’re thinking. Small weddings? How boring! But, we’d like to disagree with that. Intimate weddings can be all the fun when planned right. Fewer people can mean a more personal celebration. There’s more time for the bride and groom to spend with their guests, the group gets to know one another, and everyone contributes to the event in his or her way. Intimate celebrations, it seems, have certain advantages. And we at ShaadiSaga have the best intimate wedding ideas for you.

Planning an intimate wedding doesn’t have to exclude any of the most important elements of your wedding, love story, or celebration. Planning a fun, intimate wedding under the government mandates is what we all need to be experts of. So, here’s a small guide on how you can plan a smashing intimate wedding while also staying safe from COVID19!

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How To Plan Your Intimate Wedding Effectively

Venue Ideas For An Intimate Wedding

Our world has changed a lot, ever since COVID-19 happened. Now that weddings are slowly starting once more, deciding a venue is what’s on everyone’s to-do list first. With Intimate weddings, your choice of venues becomes very limited, considering the safety and hygiene factors. If you’re wondering where to find best intimate wedding venues, then we have a few ideas:

Your Own Garden Or Terrace

If you’re holding an intimate wedding, with 50 guests or less, then one of the most ideal spaces to hold the functions are either your garden, terrace, or angaan space. Not only will such a venue be a breath of fresh air for all the guests, but it also provides enough space, so that no one feels cramped. Another plus side of such venues is that photographs of day weddings would look fabulous!

Small Function Spaces 

You can always go the conventional way a book yourself a small function space, like a hall or banquet. It is essential to note, in such cases, that your state guidelines for weddings allow you to book a commercial banquet hall. For example, the Telangana government has taken out a guideline, which restricts the booking of function halls. However, if this option is possible, then booking a small function space for 50 people can be a feasible option.

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Community Halls Or Society Parks

Community halls or society parks are a great way to host an intimate wedding of 50 people. Since these areas are not accessible to huge crowds, it’s easier to manage a wedding here, and follow the correct hygiene and sanitization protocols.

Rental Homes

Renting a house is also a great option to host 50 or fewer guests. You can always book a home through websites like Airbnb. However, in such cases, you must carefully check the place your booking and ensure that it has been sanitized before the wedding functions. When it comes to rental houses, you need to be ready to equip the entire place with hand sanitizers, hand washes, etc. to ensure that the utmost conditions of hygiene are maintained.

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