Beautiful Kerala Wedding With The Bride In Pastel Hues

Bride Red and bright orange kanjivaramas are always close to our heart but when we see a bride experiment with colours, while still staying rooted to her culture, it’s a special feeling. Malavika did exactly that. She opted for some muted hues for her wedding, while still having the perfect balance when she opted for a bright colour for her Oonjal look.


captured the wedding in stunning detail while the made sure to add the understated elegance to the whole wedding with their exceptional decor.

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Meet Malavika & Aathithya

Aathi and I met in med school during my intern year when I was posted to work with him during my orthopaedic rotation. Its been quite the journey ever since -a classic medical school love story!

The Haldi

From The Bride:

Aathi and I wanted a close-knit wedding to celebrate, with our closest family and friends. We wanted something classic and timeless which is just what the Acube Project delivered.

The theme of the decor of the wedding was Silk Route! It was designed around my love for Kanjivarams while playing up the natural beauty of our venue. We wanted a muted, pastel palette against the backdrop of the stunning backwaters. From the oonjal on a tree to the mandap on the backwaters we wanted the wedding to something simple, traditional yet unforgettable for everyone there!

Vendor Reviews:

Planners: The A-Cube Project
The Acube Project was with us every step of the way bringing our wedding to life. The feeling of walking in to the mandap designed by them was like no other. It was worth every discussion, every meeting beginning with coffee and running well in to dinner. They’ve been extremely professional throughout this stressful period, always ready to help and always open to suggestions. Through it all they never failed to smile even at the hardest times and ultimately designed a dream wedding for us.

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Venue: The Taj Bekal Resort & Spa 
Our wedding was at Taj Bekal Resort and Spa, a venue Aathithya and I fell in love with during our very first meeting with our wedding designers.
Its secluded and perfect for a close knit wedding . Aathithya is from Trivandrum and we wanted a destination wedding that still felt like home! Taj Bekal was just that! Our wedding took several months to plan and the staff at Taj Bekal went the extra mile and were always approachable, always helpful. The hospitality was incomparable! We’re already waiting to go back for a vacation someday!

Makeup Artist: Elton Fernandez
My make up was done by Elton Fernandez and he’s truly amazing! We’re so glad we had him on board and he’s a star at what he does.

Photographers: Varun Suresh & Srinivas
Our brilliant photographers Varun Suresh ( shot stories by varun suresh) and Srinivas help us re live the moments and their photos never fail to evoke a sense of fond nostalgia each time we look at them. They made us feel completely at ease and I don’t remember having to pose for any photo. It was extremely natural and we had a blast!

Videographers: Journeys By Ram
Our videography team was Journeys By Ram and they were amazing. The rapport we all shared just made the whole experience organic and completely stress-free.

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