7 Wedding Photography Ideas for Grooms!

All our life is a memory, isn’t it? Right from learning things as kids to becoming adults, we are all filled with memories. For the ones that we want to capture, we use photographs!


We all know about brides and their poses with mehendi and lehenga, grooms too have stepped their photography game up. Below are a few eloquent photography ideas for grooms!

1. The Getting Ready

Few candid pictures when the groom is getting ready is a perfect idea to start with. A few close and wider shots of the groom would make a great collection of pictures. The groom and groomsmen should continue with their dressing up scenes, while having the photographer ready to take pictures!

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2. Candid Groomsmen Photos

While you are at it, take playful and fun moments of the groomsmen helping the groom become the hero of the day. One or two pictures of weird poses with the groomsmen would surely make everyone smile down the years!

3. A Few Moments Away

A few minutes before the groom steps out of the dressing room, an all decked up groom feels a lot of emotions erupting inside…do not forget to capture these moments, they are worth looking at for the bride after the wedding!

4. The First Look Family Picture

When your parents and siblings see you as the “Dulha” for the first time, they too feel emotional and there would be a few conversations that are worth capturing beautifully to be cherished for the rest of your life!

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5. The Grand Entry

A few candids and poses on the entry of the “Baraat” is a big yes. A few pictures with groomsmen and family with the blissful joy on everyone’s face is sure to be captured moments before the wedding!

6. First Look at the Bride

The first eye contact on the D-day would be one of the most romantic shots the couple will treasure forever!

7. The Varmaala

The exchange of garlands- a traditional ritual where everyone who kept asking you to get married will keep you away from wearing it! Jokes apart, the exchange of garland and the eagerness of becoming one, is a sure to be captured moment.

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