5 Things to Keep in Mind while Planning your Home Wedding Decor

The season of home weddings is here and how! If you’re upset about missing out on making perfect instagram-worthy memories in the background of breathtaking locales and exotic decor elements, do not worry. Home weddings have their own essence and beauty and you can still make meaningful memories with beautiful backgrounds. The crux is to understand the ‘feel’ of home weddings and design everything around it.


To get you started, we’ve listed five tips that you can keep in mind while planning for your intimate wedding decor. Take a look at them below:

1. Focus on Space Management

Unlike the sprawling area a lawn, banquet or an outdoor destination can offer, home or backyard weddings have a limited space. But therein lies their beauty and purpose. You can convert this limited space into a pleasant setup without making it too restricting by using all the corners wisely. Remember the overall idea is to render a ‘feel’ and not stuff every nook and corner with over the top elements.

2. Get Creative with Flowers

One cannot imagine wedding decor without breathtaking floral arrangements be it home or hall. However the best part about having to decorate for your home wedding is that you can be much more responsible to source flowers. You can also incorporate a healthy mix of local and seasonal flowers along with exotic variants.

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3. Shower some Table/Counter Love

Yes we do understand that home weddings have a limited amount of space and that is why you need to set up a table or counter (if not too many) as they can double up as refreshment/beverages or gift counter, a memoir table or an eating cum lounge area! Besides they can also add to the entire look and feel of the place.

4. Give it a Personalised Touch

What better place and occasion than your intimate home wedding to add a personalized touch to your wedding decor?! Though this is irrespective of the space or venue, you can take this element one notch higher as your closest folks would be in attendance. Spill out some secrets, show some love or simply let out gratitude in creative ways by weaving them as part of your decor deal.

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5. Use Backgrounds Effectively

Your home garden can work as a lovely photo booth with some tact and a bit of creativity. Likewise you can also create cool backgrounds and make cozy spaces for your guests to sit back and relax. Your home memory wall can work as a refreshing idea for a small indoor stage. Using backgrounds effectively is also a splendid way of managing your space well.

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