5 Adorable Couple Photo Ideas to Inspire your Wedding Shoot

Couple Photo The wedding day is one day which you have looked forward to enthusiastically while growing up. It is one day that holds a lot of sentimental value in your heart.

Couple Photo

This is primarily because it is this day that you will look back on and cherish for a lifetime. Getting plenty of photos clicked with your partner is thus essential to capture the excitement you share. Since these photos will symbolize your love for each other, ensuring a memorable photoshoot is necessary.

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Here’re some beautiful poses for your wedding album you can take a cue from.

1. The Dreamy Couple Dance
The shot of the newly married couple doing the mandatory slow romantic dance is a must. It is one moment that most girls dream of doing from their early years. The couple dance is an event eagerly looked forward to by friends and family on almost every wedding. The poetry element to these photos will instantly remind you of the bond you and your partner share.

2. In Front Of A Creative Backdrop
Another excellent way to get the perfect couple photo is striking a passionate pose in front of a creative background. Choose a beautiful background that denotes the love and romance between the two of you. Be it a destination wedding or a traditional wedding, this is one pose ideal for every marriage.

3. The Quintessential Twirl
Wedding albums today are incomplete without a photograph of the bride doing the famous twirl of her bridal outfit. In the past few years, the twirling of the lehenga is a pose that has taken the internet by storm. So, why should you be left behind? Go ahead and show off your pretty bridal wear with this pose!

4. A Cute Peck On The Cheek
Even the simplest of details such as peck on the cheek can do wonders. If you are a couple willing to preserve your romance through adorable photos, this makes for the finest pose. Leading wedding photographers believe that it is these tiny gestures that make for the best couple of photos.

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5. Go Filmy
Weddings in India are a grand affair. So much attention is paid to the bride and the bridegroom that they feel nothing less than celebrities. Thus, striking a filmy pose is a great way to commemorate your union as a married couple. Imitate your favorite romantic pose from Bollywood or Hollywood and let your photos bespeak your love!

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